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Shortly after the Revolution of 1989, studies of French philology were significantly expanded, studies of Spanish philology were re-established to their full extent and in 1993 studies of Portuguese and Italian philology were newly established. Since the 1990s about 25 to 35 students are admitted every year to the double-major study programme in French philology and the single-major combined programme French and Applied Economics. For the double-major study programme as well as for the single-major in Spanish philology, the number of admitted students is about 20 to 30 every year. Italian and Portuguese philology courses admit approximately 15 students every year. There are about 20 students in the doctoral study programme at the Department and they all have obtained their Ph.D. with a specialisation in Romance literatures or Romance languages. Students in the internal doctoral programme actively participate in the instruction and the best of them – after finishing their studies – join the team of teachers and scholars working at the Department.

Number of students: 572
Number of teaching staff: 32

Study Programmes

B.A. and M.A. in French Philology – double-major combined pro­gramme
B.A. in French and Applied Economics - single-major degree programme
B.A. and M.A. in Italian Philology – double-major combined pro­gramme
B.A. and M.A. in Portuguese Philology – double-major combined programme
B.A. and M.A. in Spanish Philology – double-major combined programme
B.A. and M.A. in Spanish Philology – single-major degree pro­gramme
M.A. in Specialised French for Economic Practice – single-major degree programme
M.A. in Italian Philology – single-major degree programme
Ph.D. in Romance Literatures
Ph.D. in Romance Languages

The study programme consists of both linguistic and literary disciplines and systematically strengthens the students’ knowledge of practical language and the cultural, historical and socio-political background of the concerned countries. Mastery of contemporary language is stressed in the linguistic field. In the field of literature, students become familiar with the development of French, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian, Spanish and Latin-American literature. Students have an opportunity to follow special lectures and seminars on history, art history and the socio-political situation of the particular area, as well as lectures and seminars on world literature, philosophy, aesthetics, literary criticism, documentation, translation and interpretation and technical language. The Department also administers the French, Spanish and Italian language exams which are obligatory for other Ph.D. study programmes. After passing the relevant entrance exams, it is possible to take up a doctoral study programme focused on Romance languages or Romance literature.

The master’s programme Specialised French for Economic Practice has a special position at the Faculty. This study programme is intended for students who have a B.A. in French and Applied Economics or a similar B.A. degree focused on Business French. The students should have a sound knowledge of French, including professional French (in the field of economics and law). The lessons are partly guaranteed and given by professors from the partner universities, mainly the University of Auvergne in France. The students take part in a long-term internship (3 months) at enterprises in the Czech Republic and France. The Department has at present about 20 partners in France who can accept students for practice. The topics for master’s theses mostly originate from such internship experience.



Graduates of all philological programmes can find jobs in scholarly institutions, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or in diplomatic bodies. They can work as professional journalists or editors in publishing houses, radio or television or as translation assistants and interpretation assistants in Czech or foreign companies in business, cultural or tourist spheres. If M.A. graduates pass the relevant pedagogical, psychological and didactic exams, undertake teacher training at secondary schools and pass the final state exam in pedagogical disciplines, they may become teachers at secondary schools or universities.


Main Research Areas


History of linguistics

Dialectology of Latin America

Who is who in Czech linguistics? - grant project of the Grant Agen­cy of the Czech Republic

French language on the European, American and African conti­nents - description of the language and its dialects

French language in Africa – grant project of the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic

Participation in the ESF project Interdisciplinary philological invention of translational modules within the language departments FF UP


Literature and History:

Carlist Wars Period and the Inquisition in the Spanish History

History of the Jewish Community in Spain

French and Italian Theatre

Francesco Petrarca

Italian Humanism

Participation in the project Plurality of Culture and Democracy within which contemporary Spanish and French multicultural lite­rature is researched

OPVK project Creating a quality management system for international student internships UP, which extends the possibility of internships at the Department of Romance


International Cooperation

Within the Erasmus framework students have the opportunity to spend a semester at a foreign university. French Philology cooperates with twelve universities in France and two in Turkey, Portuguese Philology with seven universities in Portugal, and Italian philology with six universities in Italy, two universities in Poland and one university in Finland.

Spanish Philology cooperates with ten Spanish universities within the Erasmus project, with the Universidad de Granada within the framework of a bilateral agreement on the exchange of lecturers and with the universities Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México (Toluca, Mexico), Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico), Universidad Nacional de Colombia and Universidad Nacional del Litoral (Santa Fe, Argentina) on the basis of bilateral agreements. Spanish Philology also takes part in the project ALFAL, Research of Language Contacts (Madrid), guarantees the education of Spanish Philology at the Faculty of Arts in Banská Bystrica and cooperates with the University of Hradec Králové in a programme of course innovation within the ESF grant project Latin-American Studies as a Platform for Interdisciplinary and Interuniversity cooperation.



Second international colloquium for Latin-American studies: Language and politics, May 2013

Czech romance studies in a European context – XVI. International meeting of romance languages, November 2012

First international colloquium for Latin-American studies: Literature and politics, May 2012

"L´Étranger": summer courses in French literature and philosophy, July 2011

Czech romance studies in a European context – XV. International meeting of romance languages, November 2010

Wine as a multicultural phenomenon, April 2009

Itinera Latinitatis: an international conference about Latin and Romance heritage in the Czech lands, June 2007

Sixth seminar of Canadian Studies, March 2006

Langue(s) et langages: summer courses in French literature and philosophy, July 2006


Other Activities

ANIMUP – Week of animated Portuguese cinema, October 2007

Po stopách portugalských mořeplavců – Exhibition of Portuguese photographs, May-June 2007

Workshop Journées entreprises: Travailler dans un environnement francophone - meeting of teachers, students, graduates, representatives of Czech and French companies; lectures, exchange of internship experience, entrance-interview simulations, 2005. 

French Cultural Days – lectures on cultural, literary and historical topics and cultural events organised every year in April for the general public

Months of Spanish culture – lectures on cultural, literary and historical topics and cultural events organised every year in April for the general public 

Weeks of Portuguese culture – lectures on cultural, literary and historical topics and cultural events organised every semester for the general public

Language courses of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese for students of other departments


Portuguese Centre

In 2008 a Portuguese Centre was opened under the auspices of the Instituto Camoes. The Centre offers Cursos do Livres do Portugues – courses of Portuguese for the general public.



Romanica Olomucensia (scholarly journal)


Future Development

In the near future the Department wants to strengthen the Applied Economics in Spanish Philology programme. The French Philology section is expanding its partnership with the French university of d'Auvergne, and preparing a dual-degree master's program in professional French for business and as well as the "Administration des Entreprises". The French Philology section plans to systematically broaden its courses in non-European French, while the Spanish Philology section plans to expand its courses in American Spanish and its contrasts with Native-American languages and in Hispanic-American contemporary literatures. The Italian Philology and Portuguese Philology sections are also acquiring a stronger profile – Italian has been offered annually since 2006 and Portuguese since 2008. The Department offers courses of Catalonian for beginners as well as advanced students. We continue to provide semester-long stays in foreign universities for all students of the Department by using the possibilities offered by the Socrates-Erasmus programme as well as by the Merill project “Latin America”, in order to give students of Spanish and Portuguese philology the opportunity to study in Central and South American universities.

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