Department of Romance Languages

Shortly after the Revolution of 1989, studies of French philology were significantly expanded, studies of Spanish philology were re-established to their full extent and in 1993 studies of Portuguese and Italian philology were newly established. Since the 1990s about 25 to 35 students are admitted every year to the double-major study programme in French philology and the single-major combined programme French and Applied Economics. For the double-major study programme as well as for the single-major in Spanish philology, the number of admitted students is about 20 to 30 every year. Italian and Portuguese philology courses admit approximately 15 students every year. There are about 20 students in the doctoral study programme at the Department and they all have obtained their Ph.D. with a specialisation in Romance literatures or Romance languages. Students in the internal doctoral programme actively participate in the instruction and the best of them – after finishing their studies – join the team of teachers and scholars working at the Department.


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